Washington D.C. | November 2-5, 2020

Concurrent Special Interest Session

Concurrent Special Interest Session

We will run concurrent sessions to allow delegates to focus on topics of particular interest to them. Choose whichever session will be of interest for you during this concurrent programming:

Session A: 2nd Annual Polymer Users Summit

As a continuation from the first Polymer Users Summit held at the Currency Conference in Dubai in April 2019, the Polymer Users Summit will explore the benefits of an organized Polymer Users Group and a vision for the future, and also share and discuss the key aspects of the issuance and circulation of polymer banknotes. Best practices in all areas of polymer use will be discussed, while challenges and benefits explored. If you are currently issuing polymer banknotes (or considering issuance), then make plans to attend this unique and focused discussion.

Session B: 3rd Annual State Printworks Summit

Currency Research (CR) will take advantage of having so many State Printwork professionals together in Washington to hold its 3rd Annual State Printworks Summit. Building on the success of the summit at the Currency Conference in Dubai, join fellow State Printwork professionals to discuss the issues that are top of mind. A survey will be circulated to all registered Summit delegates in advance to identify the key topics to be discussed during the Summit, to ensure we cover the most relevant material. This is a unique opportunity to share and discuss challenges and opportunities facing State Printworks today.

Session C: Special Topics: Deep Dive

Substrate Panel Discussion (45 mins)
Take a special look at paper, polymer, and hybrid substrates through the lens of sustainability, future of the product, and notelife.

Moderator: Michael Lambert, Associate Director, Federal Reserve Board of Governors


Global Efforts on Counterfeit Deterrence (45 mins)
Law enforcement and central banks will discuss counterfeit research, global trends and deterrence efforts.

Moderator: Barbara Réthy, Head of Nat’l Counterfeit Center/Director of Cash Logistics, Central Bank of Hungary