Washington D.C. | May 11-14, 2020

    Banknote Series Discussion Center

    Central bank representatives responsible for the release of a new commemorative banknote or new banknote series in the last 2 years (since the last Banknote Conference) will have scheduled times to present and discuss their decision-making process. This Discussion Center will allow delegates to interact and exchange specific insights and challenges in bringing a new banknote series to life! These sessions will be held during coffee breaks and lunches.

    Tuesday, 10:40am- 11:00am (during coffee break)

    Partnership in the Making of Hong Kong Dollar Banknotes

    By Samson Yuen, Hong Kong Monetary Authority

    Unlike most banknotes of the other countries/regions, the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) banknotes are not issued by the Government or the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (the HKMA), the de facto Central Bank of Hong Kong, but by three commercial banks authorised as Note-issuing Banks (NIBs). The banknotes issued by NIBs have five denominations, i.e., HKD1000, HKD500, HKD100, HKD50 and HKD20. As each NIB has its own design for the five denominations, there are altogether 15 designs for a complete series of HKD banknotes.

    In the planning and production of the latest 2018 Series HKD Banknote, the HKMA, NIBs and all stakeholders worked closely together to ensure that the banknotes would make use of the latest security features and maintain a standard format and layout in order not to confuse the public, while NIBs could have amble flexibility in designing their banknotes. The HKMA led a working group for this project, comprising of a project consultant, Hong Kong Note Printing Limited (HKNPL), as well as the three NIBs and their appointed designers and originators. The Hong Kong Police Force was invited to advise on the counterfeit trends and choice of security features. Many suppliers for security features, substrate, inks, required machinery and systems, etc, were approached, and selected ones were subsequently appointed. Contractors of banknote authenticating systems, ATMs and vending machines had to work in a very tight timeframe to complete machine calibration for the new banknotes. This presentation describes the strong partnership showed by various parties in the project, resulting in launching the new Series of HKD banknotes in 2018 as originally scheduled.

    Tuesday, 12:40pm- 1:00pm (during lunch)
    Central Bank of Bahamas, Jermaine H Campbell
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    Tuesday, 1:00pm - 1:20pm (during lunch)
    To be Announced Soon

    Tuesday, 3:40pm- 4:00pm (during coffee break)
    Casa de Moneda Argentina, Diego Oller
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    Wednesday, 10:30am- 10:50am (during coffee break)

    Transitioning to a New Banknote Series – The case of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

    By Rosbert Humphrey, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

    This presentation will start with the background on ECCB banknotes and features of the ECCB paper banknotes. The reasons behind the change from paper to polymer banknotes will be discussed and the process of preparation for polymer banknotes will be shared: Design and features selection, Timing, Public Education, Getting the commercial banks ready, Launching polymer banknotes, Issue of polymer banknotes into circulation and the Monitoring, Observations and Comments.
    The presentation will finalize with the plans to manage the ECCB paper banknotes in circulation.

    Wednesday, 12:55pm- 1:15pm (during lunch)
    Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Samson Yuen
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    Wednesday, 1:15pm- 1:35pm (during lunch)
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    Wednesday, 3:40pm- 4:00pm (during coffee break)
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