Washington D.C. | November 2-5, 2020

IBDA: Future of Banknotes Seminar

A Unique Opportunity to Create New Insights and Perspectives on the Banknotes of the Future

Thursday, November 5, 2020 | 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Optional. Additional fee of $400. Must pre-register and space is limited.


IBDA World Banknote Project CollageThe International Banknote Designers Association (IBDA) will stage a dedicated seminar at Banknote 2020, allowing industry stakeholders to process the outputs and critical points of interest emanating from the unique World Banknote Project (WBP) initiative. The WBP Project sought the banknote designers’ vision of the future and how new ideas and concepts could evolve in future series of banknotes. The objective of this workshop is to present the key WBP concepts and findings and evaluate and discuss the future impact on design, manufacturing, and user perspectives. The IBDA seminar at Banknote 2020 is vital for the industry since the WBP mission is to envision futuristic designs, but most importantly, to provide an interface between the WBP designers and the other industry stakeholders who develop banknote technology, and who manufacture, issue, and process banknotes.

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