Washington D.C. | November 2-5, 2020


The Banknote Achievement in Technology Award


The Banknote Conference Advisory Committee invites nominations for this award, presented in recognition of an individual's outstanding contribution to banknote technology and the advancement of security, usability and efficiency of banknotes.

Currency Research (the organizers of the Banknote Conference) orients the award toward technological achievements in banknotes to coincide with the technology theme of the conference. The esteemed Banknote Conference Advisory Committee will make the selection based on nominations received.

The award winner will be announced at Banknote 2020.


The Banknote Achievement in Technology Award recognizes an individual who has:

  • an established history of distinguished service to the banknote Industry
  • demonstrated significant technology contribution which has promoted the continued innovation and excellence in banknote technology
  • made important and lasting contribution to banknote technology and the advancement of security, usability and efficiency of banknotes.
  • provided inspiration to others in the banknote Industry through the sharing of their ideas and research
  • positively influenced the industry on an international level
  • the respect of professional peers

Preparing the Nomination

Please provide a CV and overview of the nominee describing their achievements in respect of the criteria and the reason for the nomination. This information may be used throughout the Awards process and may be shared publicly. Please send nominations to Dan Harrison. Submissions due March 31, 2020.

Nominees will be assessed according to the level to which the committee determines the eligibility requirements are met.

2018 Winner

Johannes Schaede, KBA-NotaSys

Winner Schaede and Team

The IACA Excellence in Currency Technical Awards

IACA Logo The International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA), a non-profit association of central banks, finance ministries, mints and suppliers dedicated to linking central banks and industry to give back to the cash community, will present their Excellence in Currency Technical Awards during the opening session of Banknote 2020.

IACA will present awards in 3 categories at this year’s Banknote Conference:

  • Best new currency feature or product
  • Best new currency innovation

The category for environmental sustainability projects is new for 2020. Given the heightened global attention to environmental issues and the climate crisis, IACA is taking the opportunity to draw attention to significant initiatives in our currency community that contribute to sustainability. The new category will highlight the accomplishments of organizations that have in the recent past implemented projects related to banknote or coin production, services, or distribution that demonstrate:

  • improved environmental stewardship,
  • innovative best practices,
  • pollution prevention, or
  • resource conservation.

For all three categories, projects of any issuer of banknotes, central bank or ministry of finance, organisation or individual supplying products, services or systems for banknote production, distribution, processing or management are eligible for nomination in the appropriate category; projects related to coin production or distribution may be nominated in the category for environmental sustainability. Self-nomination by such organisations is allowable and indeed, encouraged.

IACA’s Guidelines for IACA’s Excellence in Currency Awards with details about the awards can be found here.

Nominations in all categories for award in May 2020 must have been launched during the two-year eligibility period from January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019.

Nominations will be accepted until midnight GMT on February 18th, 2020. They must be submitted on IACA’s awards website:

IACA’s Excellence in Currency Awards were launched in 2007, the first awards program to recognize outstanding currency and coin projects. IACA’s Technical Awards, presented in conjunction with Currency News and Banknote 2020, are open to central banks and organizations providing products, systems, or services. The winners will be determined from among the Finalists by a vote of IACA’s members.

IACA Award